What You Need to Become a Hairdresser

Do you love transforming people’s looks? A new haircut, colour, or style can really change someone’s appearance and boost their confidence. If you’re looking for a new career, a hairdresser can be a great creative career choice, with lots of independence and flexibility.

Get Your Certification

You can start your journey into hairdressing by getting a Certificate II in Salon Assisting and its easy to do while working as an escort in a Sydney brothel. This certification takes around six months to complete. With this certificate, your duties in a salon will be customer service, making appointments, and housekeeping/cleanup. While you won’t be able to actually cut hair yet, you’ll get to spend lots of time around expert hairdressers and will get to learn about how a salon works.

Next, you can either get a Certificate III in hairdressing or in barbering, depending on the path you want to take. With a certificate III in hairdressing, you’ll learn how to correctly wash and condition hair, how to structure and cut one-length and layered hairstyles, as well as how to highlight, colour, or colour correct hair.

Working in a Sydney brothel as well gives you lots of co-workers to try out your hairdressing skills on! Barbering is very similar but also includes learning how to trim and maintain beards and moustaches. Both of these certifications take around one year to complete. Not only will you have classroom learning, but you’ll get to practice in a simulated salon environment as well as in real ones.

Creative Problem-Solving

In order to be a good hairdresser, you’ll need to be able to think out of the box when it comes to solving problems. Consider this – a client comes to you after trying to cut or colour their own hair, and it didn’t go too well. You’ll have to think creatively and work with the client to come up with a solution that not only solves the problem but that they’re satisfied with. Maybe their bad haircut means that some length will have to be taken off, but going with a layered and choppy hairstyle could mean that they can still keep some of their length. Or maybe their at-home dye job turned their hair green instead of blonde, so they might have to live with a brunette colour for a while, until it’s safe to re-lighten their hair.

Colour Theory

A big part of hairdressing, especially if you’re doing a lot of hair colouring, is colour theory. For example, knowing how to neutralise an unwanted color or tint will be very helpful when doing colour corrections. If a client wants to make a big change, it’s important to know what colours they will realistically be able to achieve in one appointment. As an escort, you can also try different hairstyles yourself as brothels in Sydney encourage creativity and flair.

Customer Service

Of course, customer service is a huge part of hairdressing. After all, you’re around people all day. Most of the time, getting one’s hair done is a positive experience, but it’s important to know how to work in situations where a client is unhappy. Being able to provide a solution when a client is unhappy with their experience will take you a long way.

Additionally, having good people skills and knowing how to read a client will be very helpful. For example, some clients don’t particularly want to talk when having their hair cut, while others are chatty and enjoy the company. Being able to tell which one your client is will make your clients feel more comfortable and satisfied with their experience.

Continued Learning

Finally, hairdressing techniques are always changing. It’s important to be willing to take classes, trainings, and workshops throughout your career as a hairdresser. As new trends become popular, you’ll want to know how to create those styles so that your clients can be happy with your work.

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