5 Simple Exercises to Stay in Shape

Your exercise routine doesn’t have to be complicated – and in fact, you can even do most of it at home. Here are five simple exercises that escorts working in our Sydney brothel keep in shape.


Squats – even just using your body weight – are a total body fitness move. This is a favourite exercise for our Sydney brothel workers. Squats use your quadriceps, hamstrings, glutes, calves, and abs, making them an effective exercise. Not only will squats help you build muscle and stay fit, but they’re a functional move, too – think about how you get up out of a chair. Keeping these muscles strong will allow you to easily move around as you get older.

When doing bodyweight squats, remember to keep your heels glued to the ground and your chest slightly lifted. Try to bend the knees to 90 degrees if you can. If bodyweight squats are difficult for you, try a shallower squat, squatting against a wall, or even onto a low chair. To add a challenge, grab a pair of dumbbells and press them up as you come out of the squat.


Pushups work your chest, shoulders, triceps, and abs, making them a great upper body exercise. Pushups are a good exercise to keep you fit because there are many modifications and variations, so you can do them just about anywhere and at any fitness level. If pushups are a challenge for you, start out by doing them against a wall or with your hands elevated on a bench. Knee pushups are also a good modification. Narrow hand placement will use the inner chest muscles and triceps more, while a wider placement works the outer chest. To gain the most muscle, do 3-4 sets with your last set doing as many as you can.


Lunges are a great workout for the lower body, back, core, and for balance. Our Sydney brothel escorts always do lunges when at the gym for core strength. What’s great about lunges is they allow you to use each side of the body independently, which can help to address imbalances. And because you have one leg in front of the other, you’ll be working on stabilization and balance. When doing lunges, don’t forget to do both sides (you can alternate sides or do sets on each leg), and remember to keep your core engaged and your shoulders back.


The core is one of the most important parts of the body. A strong core will improve your posture and even reduce back pain, making it an important part of any workout. While planks mainly work your core, they also work your shoulders and upper body. When doing a plank, make sure you keep your back flat. If a standard plank is too difficult, you can plank on your knees instead. Too easy? Try holding your plank for longer, add weight to your back, or try incorporating movement, like plank taps.


One of the absolute best things you can do to stay in shape is simply to walk. Walking gets your whole body moving and even a moderate pace will give you cardio benefits. Your circulation will improve and you’ll finish your walk in a better mood than you started. Start out with a 15-20 minute walk each day – that’s enough to get the benefit – but you can work your way up to 45-60 minutes of walking to burn more calories and tone up the legs.

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